Saturday, December 6, 2008

New Prices for 2009

Session Fees
Your session fee is due at time of booking, and acts as a retainer for holding your session date. If retainer is not received in this time, your date will be free for another to reserve. If you cancel or reschedule more than once, miss or forget your appointment, you must pay an additional retainer for a new session date.
1-2 hr session 50.00
Beach session 250.00

Christmas SALE!

Order prints before Dec. 25th and recieve 10% off your total order! Schedule your 2009 session now and get 50% off your session fee! Email for more

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

LB turns 3

This is my youngest daughter. She turns 3 this December, and this will be the image on her Birthday party invitations. I finally made time for a session with my own family! We spent the whole weekend together and it was WONDERFUL and so refreshing, just to be able to focus on us. I love this shot of her!

Duncan Family

I love the rustic feeling in this shot....not to mention the love you see from this sweet family! Thanks Duncan Family! I had so much fun with ya'll!

Ellison Wedding

I just love this picture of the groom, so simple. Waiting on his beautiful bride...:) Smiling even though he hates having his picture taken, because he knows it will make her so happy. I always love to watch the groom when he sees his bride for the 1st time on their wedding day...the way his face lights up when he sees her...I love it! :)

I'm Back!

Wow, I need an assistant! I have been so busy with sessions and, let's face it, LIFE! that I have been neglecting my blog. :( Actually, I had comtemplated taking off the rest of the year to focus on my family (I hadn't taken any formal pictures of my own family since our beach trip in JUNE!), and to just get caught up. I had been praying about it, and the direction God wanted my business to go. Obviously, HE wants it to grow, because since then I have been overwhelmed with clients contacting me to schedule sessions. And it is so easy to see God's glory this time of year. The leaves on the trees are so beautiful, I can't help but be inspired! Unfortunately, I only have a couple sessions left until January. Next year will be a big year for KC Photography, with a lot of changes and upgrades in store! So...Stay tuned!

Cooper Newborn Session

This little guy is so stinkin cute! And SWEEET! He is such a good baby, he let use do what ever we wanted to with him. The perfect client. :) If only my own children would be so cooperative with my camera :) ...but I digress. I have been experimenting with collages. This would be the first for me, and I love it. I love how the pictures fit together and help tell a story...somehow. Plus you get 4 images to one print. The only size I have available is a 12x12 and they are 30.00 each.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Benefit Dinner and Auction for Caleb Gill

A complimentary KC Photography session and matted 11x14 print will be auctioned!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008
Lincoln County Fairgrounds

BBQ Pork & Chicken Plates
$7.00 each
Plates will be served beginning at 3:30pm and served until gone.

Live Auction will begin at approx. 5:30pm
Entertainment to follow.

Caleb is the 6 year old son of Debbie Gill and the late, Ken Gill. He is the grandson of John L. & Etta Mae Gill and Dave & Jackie Owens.

Caleb was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of glioma (brain tumor) on August 18th. Caleb will be going through much therapy and treatment to fight this disease. Your donations will help with medical bills and other expenses his family will incur throughout his therapy and recovery.

For more information, call 931-307-0825 or 931-433-8021.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Special Delivery

After your session, your proofs will be sent as a link to your email address. Your pictures will be individually adjusted for color, lighting, and density. This takes 2-4 weeks. After you place your order, your prints will be hand delivered to your home in 2-4 weeks.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Onder Wedding

I had the pleasure of photographing my friend Beth's wedding this past weekend. It was a beautiful wedding...and so much fun! Beth and John- my wish for you is that your love will grow so much, that years from now you will look back on this day as the time you loved each other the least. Congratulations!

Monday, August 11, 2008


  • Kelly the pictures are so great. They are so beautiful that I am going to have to buy new frames for them, because none of mine are pretty enough! Thank you so much for everything. It was great shooting with you because I felt like you listened to everything we wanted, and that we actually had a say in the pictures. You took my idea of what I wanted and captured it perfectly. I couldn't have asked for anything more. I cannot wait to shoot with you again in the future!
  • Kelly,I really do love your work! I think you will find great success. I honestly feel your photos are just perfect. They capture moments and feelings - and share them with those viewing.Lona
  • I think your pictures are beautiful. You have such a good eye...I am very impressed. They are beautiful!!!Juli
  • Kelly,Michael and I really enjoyed spending time with you when you took our pictures! They were so awesome and you could really see the love between Michael and Me! I had such a hard time choosing which ones i wanted. Thank you so much for doing a beautiful job. It meant so much because as you took those photos I knew that we were making life changes and this was a captured moment in time!Thank you!Love ya,Melissa

Credit/Debit card payments

KC Photography is glad to announce that we are now accepting credit/debit card payments through PayPal! Yay!

Join the millions of users who have found a smarter way to handle their money online. PayPal is the faster, safer, easy way to pay, so you can shop more securely, wherever you're clicking.Your financial information stays safe with PayPal. Your credit card and bank account numbers are never shared with online stores, and you’re 100% protected against unauthorized payments sent from your account.

It’s that easy! And with PayPal, you can choose to pay for your purchases with a credit or debit card, bank account, PayPal Buyer Credit or your PayPal account balance. Fast and Easy! Your PayPal account offers a single payment source for all your online purchases, so you don’t waste time searching for your credit cards and typing in your billing and shipping information.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it! KC Photography has press!'s really not about me! :) It's an article about some good friends of ours...Don Pierson and his family. I only took the pictures of them! But press is press! And I am very excited! The article will be in the December issue of Homelife magazine (a lifeway publication). Make sure you check it out!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Brady 6 months

How could you not love this face? Brady is so cute with his chubby little cheeks! He was so sweet and cooperative today. He did have several distractions outside (the passing cars being his favorite), but we just went with it, and got some great pics out of it! Brady's mom grew up on this farm and she wanted some pictures of him here. I hope she will cherish these pictures forever, and I hope they remind her of her life growing up. Thanks for letting me be a part of this Jennings family!
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Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Sims

What a beautiful day! And a beautiful couple! I graduated high school with this sweet girl, and we have managed to keep in touch...even if it is just a couple times a year. They have been married a little over a year, and wanted some non-traditional pictures. I think I may have captured what they were looking for! :) It's easy to see how much they love each other and how much fun they have together! Stay tuned...the rest of the proofs will be up soon.

Pierson Family

What a reunion! Some friends of mine returned home from Canada this summer and asked me to take pictures of them and their extended family. We had a great time seeing each other again, and taking some pictures along the way. Needless to say with 5 was hard to get all of them to look at the camera and "SMILE", but I think we lucked out! Thanks Pierson family for choosing me for your family portraits. Enjoy the memories! P.S.-here is a sneek peek, the rest of the proofs will be up by Tuesday...can't wait for you to see them!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Little Lindsey

This session was so fun! My client had specific ideas for the pictures. She wanted all sepia prints, and Raggedy Ann had to be in the pictures! We got some sweet pictures of her in her bed reading a book and holding her favorite dolly! She is so sweet!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lillie's 6th Birthday

My oldest will be 6 years old this year, and will be in the 1st grade. The theme of her birthday party will be "dinner and a movie." So, I wanted some "hollywood" pictures of her to put on her invitations. It was so much fun for both of us, and I think we have perfect pictures for the invitation!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Trash the Dress you had your wedding. You had your beautiful, perfect day with THE DRESS. All day you were so careful with your dress..."watch my dress...don't step on my dress." You almost just wanted to stand still, so as not to wrinkle it. Now, your wedding is over. Your dress is carefully wrapped in acid-free tissue paper in your closet, never to be worn again. Or will it?

I present to you the concept of "trash the dress." Its really not about "trashing" your wedding dress, but letting it get dirty or wet or torn to have some really beautiful, natural, care-free pictures of you in your wedding dress. Trash the dress is sweeping the nation, as brides desire non-traditional pictures.

How to Trash Your Dress???
1.go horseback riding
2. have fun at the family farm
3. float in a lake
4. walk in a creek
5. tour an abandoned building
6. take a walk in a burnt down forest
7. roll in the mud
8. play in paint
9. work on a car
10. climb a tree
11. play at the local playground
12. ride the rides at the fair or an amusement park

Session fee: 25.00 - discounted for a limited time your session now!
Lets do it! If you recently got married...or not so recently...and would love some edgy non-traditional bridal pictures, this is the session for you! You know you want to put that dress back on girl! :)
I would if I could only fit into my wedding dress! LOL!

Read the article in the London Times under links on my page.

Wedding Packages

Platinum Collection-$2500
2hr engagement session
2hr bridal session
11x14 print from bridal session
Rehearsal dinner coverage
full wedding day coverage
20 page coffee table book
2 5x7 parent albums with 40 images each
20x24 gallery wrap
cd of all images

Gold collection-$1500
1hr bridal session
11x14 print from bridal session
full wedding day coverage
5x7 album with 40 images of your choice
16x20 gallery wrap

Silver collection-$650
1hr engagement session
full wedding day coverage
5x7 album with 24 images of your choice
11x14 print

Basic Wedding Day Coverage-$200

50% is due at booking, with remaining amount due at time of 1st session.the 50% acts as a retainer for holding your session dates and is nonrefundable.

Friday, July 11, 2008

New items pricelist

Albums have a recessed image area with a 5/8" black border, giving each page the look of a matted print. Albums come with a black leather cover and gold or silver cover stamping.

4x6 album with 24 prints-450.00
4x6 album with 40 prints- 650.00
5x7 album with 24 prints-550.00
5x7 album with 40 prints-750.00

FINE ART CANVAS PRINTS are mounted on 1/8 masonite with protective gel coating with brush strokes.

*larger sizes available upon request. please email for details.

CANVAS GALLERY WRAPS are flush mount and are delivered ready to hang. protective gel coating with brush strokes is applied to print.

*larger sizes available upon request. please email for details.

8x10 with 40 images-200.00

BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS-accordion fold with 6 images, envelopes included.

CHRISTMAS CARDS-4x8 cards with envelopes included

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Beach Sessions 2009

Beach sessions in Destin, FL area
every summer during the month of June
specific dates to be announced...
Sitting fee: 200.00- Due at the time of booking. This will reserve your day and time and is non-refundable.
morning (7am) or evening (5-6pm) only

Friday, June 20, 2008

Mother/Son Session

This is such a sweet family. They were so easy to photograph, only because what you see in the pictures is real....can you see the love?

Newborn Session

I just love babies at this age. This sweet little one was just under a week old at the time of the session. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Beach Sessions

This year I will be doing beach sessions in the Destin, FL area from June 26th-30th. I only have a few sessions left, so email me for more details and to schedule!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Botanical Gardens Session

Session with my friends and their beautiful children. We had such a fun time, and got some great pictures along the way! Enjoy!
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Friday, May 2, 2008

New Prices

Sitting Fee: 25.00 Your session fee is due at time of booking, and acts as a retainer for holding your session date. If retainer is not recieved in this time, your date will be free for another to reserve. If you can or reschedule more than once, miss or forget your appointment, you must pay an additional retainer for a new session date.
5x7- 10.00
8x10- 15.00
11x14- 25.00
16x20- 50.00
(8) wallets- 10.00
(48) wallets special- 25.00

About my Sessions

I like to do morning and evening sessions, because that is when the lighting is the best. I only do on location photography. I can do outside or inside, but will only use light from the sun. The light that God created himself is the best to use! I will travel most anywhere for a session. Here are some great places to think about: downtown Huntsville, Stone Bridge Park in Fayetteville or Mooresville, but your home may be the best place! I always recommend chosing a place that has sentimental value to you.

Friday, April 25, 2008

LB 2 1/2 years

I took LB dowtown on a beautiful day last week, and got some great shots! This one is one of my favorites. It really captures her personality, and that's just what I strive to do!
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Monday, April 14, 2008

Sports Session- Gabe #8

This was Gabe's first game of the season and needed some professional pictures for his portfolio, here is a sampling of my favorites!
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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lillie 51/2 years

The sunset was so pretty today! I made the girls go outside so I could take some pics. They turned out great! This one is one of my favorites...
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Friday, April 11, 2008

LB is 2!

This was one of the first sessions with my new camera...and my first visit to downtown Mooresville. It's one of my favorite locations.

Princess Lindsey

Photo session with my cousin's daughter. She is turning 3 and is having a Cinderella party. One of the images will be featured on her Birthday invitations. Isn't she beautiful?