Saturday, July 12, 2008

Trash the Dress you had your wedding. You had your beautiful, perfect day with THE DRESS. All day you were so careful with your dress..."watch my dress...don't step on my dress." You almost just wanted to stand still, so as not to wrinkle it. Now, your wedding is over. Your dress is carefully wrapped in acid-free tissue paper in your closet, never to be worn again. Or will it?

I present to you the concept of "trash the dress." Its really not about "trashing" your wedding dress, but letting it get dirty or wet or torn to have some really beautiful, natural, care-free pictures of you in your wedding dress. Trash the dress is sweeping the nation, as brides desire non-traditional pictures.

How to Trash Your Dress???
1.go horseback riding
2. have fun at the family farm
3. float in a lake
4. walk in a creek
5. tour an abandoned building
6. take a walk in a burnt down forest
7. roll in the mud
8. play in paint
9. work on a car
10. climb a tree
11. play at the local playground
12. ride the rides at the fair or an amusement park

Session fee: 25.00 - discounted for a limited time your session now!
Lets do it! If you recently got married...or not so recently...and would love some edgy non-traditional bridal pictures, this is the session for you! You know you want to put that dress back on girl! :)
I would if I could only fit into my wedding dress! LOL!

Read the article in the London Times under links on my page.

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